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From detoxification to residential inpatient, learn more about Odyssey Recovery’s unique addiction treatment program for men that is offered at our beautiful location in Orange County, California. Our program has one goal: our client’s success in long-term recovery.



Am I addicted? Is my loved one abusing drugs and/or alcohol? These are some of the common questions we hear from those who are suffering from the disease of addiction. To learn more about the signs of addiction, treatment options, & what we offer men, keep reading.



It can be difficult to break through the denial of addiction at times. Odyssey Recovery understands that addiction is a lifelong illness, which is often undiagnosed for a period of time. We offer resources such as quizzes to help you understand more about addiction and how to get help. 

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Odyssey Recovery is a small, intimate substance abuse treatment facility for men in Orange County, California. We are a staff of professionals, dedicated to helping those who suffer from addiction. We provide detoxification and residential treatment in a secluded environment where our clients can learn how to truly be successful living a life in recovery.


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At Odyssey Recovery, we have made it our mission to provide the best quality care for everyone who enters our doors. We understand that substance abuse is a life or death matter. Our team carries a deep conviction to do our best and let no opportunity be wasted when it comes to treating addiction. Our men’s only drug rehab in Orange County provides you with a way out. Our passion to help men find recovery from drugs & alcohol is motivated by our own experiences with addiction.

We understand that the transition from active addiction to sobriety does not come easy. Due to this fact, we make every effort to ensure that our approach is intensive as well as effective. From the moment an individual enters Odyssey, we take every opportunity to motivate and educate the individual. Each of our clients is offered a treatment plan that truly fits his individual needs. This individualized approach allows each client to find his own path in recovery from drug & alcohol addiction.

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Three Core Principles



Addiction has broken the spirit of its sufferers. It is our goal to help ignite the flame of hope for a better tomorrow.


We are committed to helping men learn and develop the skills for a fulfilled and sober life.


After regaining hope in a new life and learning the skills necessary to maintain sobriety, we promote a life of self-empowerment to maintain a healthy life.

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  • Odyssey provides more than a home to residents. Each person is part of a community that includes a supportive, comfortable home environment, comprehensive mental health services, and recreational engagement to encourage connection with others that are on a shared journey.

    Sofia Martinez
  • The team at Odyssey Recovery combine clinical expertise and a level of caring for the people they serve that is unmatched.  The staff understands the nature of addiction and what it means to fight addiction on a daily basis.

    Raenisha Brown, LCSW

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Our drug & alcohol treatment program for men is nestled in Orange, CA in the heart of Orange County. We provide clients with an escape from the dangers of active addiction with our multidimensional program that treats the individual. Our ultimate goal is long-term, sustainable recovery for every client that walks through our doors.

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