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6 Male Celebrities Who Have Overcame Addiction & Inspire Us in Recovery

Perhaps one of the worst problems that anyone can face is an addiction.  Currently, in the United States, over 23 million people meet the criteria for substance abuse, although many professionals argue that the number is closer to double that figure.  Unfortunately, when it comes to addiction, nobody is immune, even celebrities.  In fact, any famous celebrity is as much at risk of addiction as anyone else.  These are six male celebrities that have battled addiction and who inspire in by being examples of recovery.

Robert Downey Jr.


Robert Downey, Jr. might come from a family of distinguished actors, so might have initially been destined for great things had it not been for wild living and drug abuse.  This led to several well-publicized incidents of scandals, loss of contracts, and serious problems with the law.  Downey has since recovered to a great extent, but it’s hard to visualize where his career would have taken him without those years that were lost to addiction.

Anthony Hopkins


Anthony Hopkins leads the list of celeb males who have overcome alcohol abuse after years of thinking that alcohol actually helps to make a better actor.  Unfortunately, as many alcoholic actors have found, the opposite is true.  The break for Hopkins occurred one day when he woke up behind the wheel of his car and couldn’t remember how he had gotten there.  It was then that he decided to quit drinking.  Without that decision, Hopkins believes that he would probably have ended up in a Mexican gutter, or perhaps buried under a cactus somewhere.



Rapper and bad boy Eminem credits quick medical intervention in saving his life after an incident several years ago where a mixup in his drugs caused him to overdose.  Fortunately, after a stint in a drug rehab program, he took responsibility for his life and his mistakes, getting closer to his daughter and his two foster daughters. Eminem has gone on to continue his sobriety, and even shared an Instagram post in April of 2018, celebrating 10 years of sobriety with his fans.

David Radcliffe


Being selected to be Harry Potter in the films of the same name was like a period under a magic spell for Daniel Radcliffe, but breaking through the ensuing time of depression and alcoholism took more than a magic potion.  Radcliffe admitted in 2015 that is took waking up in an unfamiliar apartment with no recollection of how he got there to get him headed in the straight and narrow.  Constant breakdowns lead to constant binges until one day he decided to take a walk, which led to a five-hour walk, in the fresh air and sunshine.  He never took a drink again and has never failed to talk a daily walk.

Samuel L. Jackson


Samuel L. Jackson was drawn to a career in acting, even as a youngster growing up in Washington, D.C.  Even after attending the Faculty of Drama at the Morehouse College in Atlanta, success eluded him simply because directors knew he had an alcohol and drug abuse problem.  The actor ended up in a drug rehab center in the late 1980s.  He states that the most difficult thing he ever did in his life was during his stint in rehab turning to his wife and daughters and saying, “Hi.  I’m Sam, and I’m a drug addict.”  After completing a drug rehab program, Jackson has gone on to work in more than 100 movies that have grossed more than $12 billion.  He has also won numerous awards and honors, most notably


Another male celeb to overcome addictions to enjoy an illustrious career is former Police frontman and current solo star Sting who, at one time battled serious alcohol and drug abuse.  Frequent binges resulted in the loss of his first wife, who took their two children with her.  Fortunately, that’s when the singer decided a brighter future awaited him beyond the drugs and alcohol.  The result was a career that has gone into the stratosphere with several platinum albums.  Things have gotten better in Sting’s personal life as well, with a new wife and six children.

There is Hope in Recovery, Let Odyssey Recovery Help You

For better or worse, the list of celebrities who have lost much only to regain themselves after conquering drugs and alcohol abuse is long and distinguished.  The good news in all of this is that with resolve, support and hard work, drug and alcohol addiction can be overcome where a whole new life can be found.

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