A Few Advantages to Attending a Men’s Only Drug Rehab

When suffering from addiction, a person often requires a form of rehab for recovery assistance and getting back to the lives they once had. Because society has placed certain social pressures on men and women alike, new treatment options are becoming available to combat these pressures. One of the standard treatments that we’re seeing great success with is gender-specific drug rehab. For men in the Orange County area, a men’s specific drug rehab treating addiction is suggested in order to receive the best possible outcome.

Evidence-based treatment options have determined that recovery is attainable for these types of treatments. What these men’s addiction treatment options focus on is the unique experiences of men.

Men’s treatment programs often give patients a closer support system and allow them a serene environment where they feel comfortable getting uncomfortable. The advantages of attending a men’s drug rehab also allow a struggling addict to recover without the pressure of speaking candidly in front of the opposite sex.

Specific Issues That Effect Addicted Men

Some of the goals behind a group therapy session are to allow patients in the same program the ability to level with each other, understand that addiction is larger than themselves, and find long-term recovery. While coed treatments have men and women in these groups, a gender-specific drug rehab allows men a platform where they can speak about similar issues.

Fatherhood is a topic that is approached more openly in these settings, as well any personal tragedies that one has experienced. Social issues and gender-specific issues can differ drastically between men and women, causing confusion and a lack of participation or empathy. While there are similarities that can be shared amidst men and women, men are more open to sharing and participating when in a group of other men.

Gender-Specific Rehabs Focus on Treatment

When men have entered a men’s addiction treatment program, they find themselves thinking less of their counterparts by gender, and more as a person. For many men, attempting to treat their addiction around other men give them a sense of stability and they can focus on the treatment at hand. They are able to focus more on what their individual needs are and treat accordingly. These men are counseled on issues pertaining to men and how to take back the life they had prior to addiction.

Some men find it difficult to focus during treatment, due to a fear of being judged and humiliated in front of women. While they have nothing to be ashamed of, this anxiety has been instilled in many men. For men who find it difficult to participate around women, this option is available. During these treatments, men do not have to feel judged, because all of the participants and fellow group members are men. The goal is to be comfortable and focus more intently on beating addiction and finding recovery.

Specific Activities Targeted Towards Men

No one gets sober to be miserable, therefore recreational activities are an important part of drug rehab programs. The best men’s treatment programs include social outings and activities available for participants to help reintroduce them into society and rebuild their social skills.

In a men’s only substance abuse rehab, activities and outings are designed around men and their general interests. For example, a focus on sports and outdoor activities are scheduled to reintroduce these men to the activities they once desired and embrace in their recovery. With access to the beautiful California beaches, there are lots of outdoor activities to keep these men participating and excelling in recovery. Participating in sports allow these men to bond with each other, which is essential for their recovery.

Let Odyssey Recovery Help You Find Recovery for Good

The right addiction treatment option is critical for recovery for someone suffering from addiction. Ensuring that they enroll in the right program can determine their ability for success.

Is there a man you love that needs assistance with their addiction? Our men’s specific substance abuse rehab will ensure that all of the tools for recovery are provided, and that your loved one will be obtaining recovery in a judgment-free zone. Today’s society has defined certain rules for men, making it difficult for them to reach out for help themselves. Contact us today at 1-800-823-8640 for more information and get your loved on the road to recovery with Odyssey Recovery.

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