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Our Mission

The mission of Odyssey Recovery is to help those afflicted with addictions by maintaining a safe environment, providing the highest level of care, and ensuring individuals learn the skills necessary to maintain long-term sobriety.

Our Philosophy

We Promise to Provide You With a Path to Recovery.


Odyssey Recovery’s treatment philosophy is to create a safe and nurturing environment that provides individualized assessment and treatment planning. Treatment consists of the utilization of evidence-based practices and the 12 Step Recovery model to build a strong foundation for lifelong recovery.  Fostered by staff with clinical expertise, and personal experience with addiction, that truly understand the clients’ needs and can, therefore, create a sense of community support.

We at Odyssey Recovery understand that addiction to substances is a difficult and often uncomfortable process to escape. It is our desire to provide the best opportunity to achieve and maintain sobriety and create happy and fulfilling lives for everyone we serve. Each member of our leadership team has been affected by substance abuse, either personally or by someone we love. Our commitment to helping people struggling with substance abuse is personal. We are all too familiar with the deep pain that comes from addiction. It is from this pain, along with the joy of watching people recover, that has bolstered our dedication to providing the best possible recovery program.

The leadership team at Odyssey Recovery has developed a team of individuals that have both the education and the experience to provide a safe and effective treatment process. It is known that underneath substance abuse lies a number of issues that drive addictive behavior. At Odyssey Recovery, we are committed to helping those we serve not only to learn the skills to maintain sobriety, but also create an environment that encourages and supports practicing those skills.

Our understanding is that addiction and the behaviors that accompany it have been reinforced by constant, day to day use. After many months, years and sometimes decades of this behavior, it becomes second nature. Without mindfulness of these behaviors, we find that people engage in destructive behaviors not because they want to, but because they have used them to survive. The goal of Odyssey Recovery is to not only help individuals identify what those behaviors are, but also to analyze the thought processes and unconscious responses that drive the cycle of addiction. Once we have identified what these thoughts and behaviors are, we begin to work towards correcting them. This is why we create an environment in which clients can practice new skills they are learning to cope with faulty behaviors and thought processes while still in treatment. Our hope is that individuals who have participated in our program have had the experience in a supportive environment that has fostered new ways of thinking and behaving that will be the foundation to their journey in recovery.

Our Vision

The vision of Odyssey Recovery is to provide those suffering from addiction with the opportunity to develop meaningful and fulfilling lives and eliminate the pain caused by the cycle of addiction, one person at a time.

What Makes Odyssey Recovery


We understand that when it comes to choosing a treatment center, there are many factors that go into your decision. We aim to make your decision easy by providing you a snapshot of what our program has to offer and what makes us different from the other drug treatment centers in Orange County.

  • We offer customized treatment planning based on evidence-based therapies and traditional methods.
  • Our expert staff has over 20+ years of experience treating substance abuse and co-occurring mental illness.
  • Our small, intimate program allows each client to get the treatment experience they need to establish long-term recovery.
  • We offer an introduction to the 12 steps and associated programs, as well as other recovery support groups that encourage total abstinence.

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