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An Introduction to Alcoholism

An Overview of Alcohol Abuse in America


Alcoholism is a condition that affects more than 15 million American adults every year according to a 2015 SAMHSA survey. In more recent years, studies have shown a sharp increase in alcohol abuse that has taken a backseat due to the overwhelming destruction of the opioid epidemic. Alcohol is involved in over 88,000 deaths a year in America, including a recent 65% increase since 1999 of alcohol-related deaths due to cirrhosis and liver disease among young men ages 24-35.

Although many alcoholics set out to quit drinking, their alcohol abuse sometimes dates back years which can make it more difficult. You do not have to be chained to alcohol for the rest of your life. You can let Odyssey Recovery help you start the process of sober living today.

Signs & Symptoms of Alcoholism

How to Know If Someone Is an Alcoholic


It is quite difficult to break free of alcohol abuse without understanding the symptoms of the addiction. Such is also true of loved ones who are concerned for the well-being of their family members and friends in need of help.

Surprisingly enough, the signs of an alcoholic are not always evident. Everyone expects an alcoholic to slur his speech or have a hard time coordinating things. Did you know, though, that memory loss is also a sign of alcohol abuse? It is not uncommon for someone struggling with the effects of alcoholism to forget where they placed the car keys or fail to meet obligations due to memory loss.

It may also be common for someone with an addiction to alcohol to engage in risky behavior such as driving while intoxicated. For the alcoholic, such risky behavior is more about living in denial and less a matter of testing the waters. A person who has consumed too much alcohol sincerely believes that she is capable of operating a motor vehicle. She does not have the ability to assess her condition and ask a friend for a ride.

Interventions are not uncommon for those looking to help an alcoholic. In fact, many family members and friends orchestrate sessions in which they hope to enlighten the addict of their reckless behavior that can, and eventually will, lead to tragedy. The sad part about alcoholism is that the situation brings about an arrogance that leads the addict to believe that he is okay and everyone else is overacting. It is not uncommon for the person receiving intervention for alcohol abuse to declare that he is “alright” and not in dire need of assistance. You may even hear the addicted person say, “I can stop anytime I desire.” This is when you know that the addiction has taken root.

You should present the notion of the alcoholic throwing out his drug and pay attention to his response. Whereas the average person who is not addicted to alcohol will not have a problem with giving the booze a break, the alcoholic will not feel comfortable with the notion of giving up their drug of choice.

Why is Detox Needed to Manage Alcohol Withdrawal

How Odyssey Recovery in Orange County Can Help


There are times when, even with the temptation to remain in an addictive state, the alcoholic breaks free from the binds and starts on the road to recovery. Detox can help the patient get from desiring sobriety to actually living in the state of soundness.

Unfortunately, heavy alcohol consumption changes the chemical makeup of your mind, which is why detoxification is important when you quit drinking alcohol. The brain stops producing certain chemicals to compensate for the ingredients in alcohol that operate as antidepressants. Your decision to stop drinking, although a good one, leads to an imbalance as the brain does not know how to respond to the missing ingredients. This is the reason why you may experience everything from the shakes (DTs) to nausea on the road to recovery during the detoxification process.

You should not become discouraged by such prospect, but rather take heart in the fact that medical professionals can help you get through the challenges that sobriety may bring. During the detox phase at Odyssey Recovery, we reduce the withdrawal symptoms so that you can move on to the inpatient treatment, where the real road to recovery begins. Some people find that their withdrawal symptoms are significantly reduced just two weeks after detoxing. while others may find that it takes a bit longer to overcome the side effects of alcohol abuse.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs

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Treatment Options for Alcoholism

Which Type of Treatment is Best for Alcohol Abuse


There are a number of treatment options that can help you or a loved one quit drinking. The most typical form of treatment is an inpatient alcohol rehab, like the one at our men’s only facility in Orange County, California, where clients reside at the facility for at least 30 days for intensive treatment.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is becoming quite popular for its ability to serve as a long-term form of help. In the counseling session, the patient works with the therapist to determine cues that lead to alcohol abuse. Cognitive behavioral therapy can work in a group session or in a one-on-one meeting.

Medication may also be an option for those looking to gradually move away from alcoholism. Naltrexone is a drug option that helps those with a heavy drinking problem. Acamprosate can help once you have gotten your addiction under control. This medication was crafted to help you maintain your life of sober living. Disulfiram is a third drug option available for those trying to break free from alcohol addiction. This medication breaks down the makeup of alcohol so that the substance rears unpleasant effects. Disulfiram has worked for many patients as the negative impact of alcohol outweighs its soothing impact.

Another common method of treatment includes 12 step program introduction to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, where clients participate in a mutual support group which will allow for free meetings that encourage peer mentoring as a means of relapse prevention.

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