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An Introduction to Cocaine/Crack Addiction

An Overview of Cocaine & Crack-Cocaine Abuse in America


Crack and cocaine are hard drugs which need to be taken seriously if you or someone you know is dealing with crack/cocaine abuse. Relevant research has shown that use of these drugs often starts at a young age, creates addiction cues in the brain, and can become especially dangerous for addicts as the substance is often mixed or cut with other dangerous ingredients.  After the large-scale use and importation of these drugs into America in the 1970s through the 80s, they have become a mainstay in our communities and on the streets. Prolonged use of crack and cocaine can also lead to overdosing and heart problems, along with social deviance that results in criminal behavior. The good news is that treatment is available and many have successfully recovered from periods of cocaine/crack addiction.

Signs & Symptoms of Cocaine/Crack Abuse

How to Tell If Someone is Abusing Cocaine


There are a number of important signs to look for when a person is abusing cocaine or crack-cocaine. The short-term effects of the drug can include:

  • Increased sense of alertness and awareness,
  • Euphoria
  • Increased energy due to elevated levels of dopamine in the brain
  • Dilated pupils
  • Extreme and sudden weight loss
  • Mood swings
  • Isolation
  • Extremely talkative
  • Change in sleeping patterns

These are just some of the physical symptoms that can occur when a person is abusing cocaine or crack-cocaine. Using large amounts of cocaine for extended periods of time can produce very unusual or erratic behavior that often turns violent or dangerous. Those who consistently smoke or snort cocaine can develop nosebleeds, constant coughs or asthma, along with restlessness and trouble sleeping. Ingesting cocaine orally can also cause significant damage to the bowels. If you know someone who exhibits these signs at certain times and you suspect drug use, they may be addicted to cocaine or crack.

How Can Treatment Help an Addiction to Cocaine/Crack

The Benefits of a Cocaine Rehab Program


People who are dealing with addiction generally have triggers which correspond to their desire to consume drugs. One of the main goals of treatment is to identify these triggers and help create a behavior pattern that avoids them. Like an addiction to other drugs, treatment does work overtime for cocaine/crack abuse, even when certain individuals experience relapses. People who are truly dedicated to a recovery program most certainly can find success and rebuild their lives. Making a commitment to treatment sooner rather than later and can also help avoid additional health, social, and financial problems beyond the damage already caused by the drug. A firm commitment to recovery stops the cycle of dangerous behavior.

Most Commonly Abused Drugs

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What are My Treatment Options for Crack/Cocaine Addiction?

What is the Best Type of Treatment?


The process of rehabilitation can be different for everyone. Some people resort to their faith and religion within a support group as a way of being accountable and sharing experiences with others. Others may find that they can overcome their addiction without much outside help aside from the support of family members and loved ones.  The right kind of treatment program is often a personal decision based on trial and error, along with finding an option that complements the persons’ strong points. Treatment options may also need to include medications and therapy to remove the physiological and psychological causes of addiction. There generally needs to be a process of detoxification and a long-term commitment to the recovery that includes testing and accountability for drug use, along with an evaluation of other potential co-occurring medical conditions that can develop as a result of drug abuse. This is typical of an inpatient program for cocaine addiction like the one at Odyssey Recovery, which offers intense treatment in a safe setting, which can lead to long-term success in recovery.

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