What Exactly is Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment?

Overcoming addictions is not easy, but some methods of recovery have proven to be more successful for certain types of individuals. Evidence-based therapy is one method of helping people to stop abusing drugs and alcohol that is effective because of its scientific underpinnings and repetition of proven successful practices, rather than merely conforming to the dated traditions of other recovery models.

How Evidence-Based Treatments Work

A fundamental problem in measuring the effectiveness of programs to treat substance abuse is the fact that many are not required to use scientifically sound methods to treat addictions or keep accurate records of their success rates regarding total recovery. Many programs rely on a faith-based model alone, instead of factoring someone’s individual beliefs into a sound treatment framework. These concerns have led to the emergence of evidence-based addiction treatment.

Evidence-based treatments rely on following specific actions based on previously recorded and successful results. These results can then be integrated into a program that is called “evidence-based” because there is actual concrete evidence that certain techniques and treatments have led individuals away from addictions and substance abuse. This scientific method of evaluating the results of addiction treatment programs is effective because objective methods and recorded results are used as a guide to determine the best course of action, rather than relying on theory or a one-size fits all model without regard to the results that these techniques produce. When these results are repeated successfully over time, it lends even more credence to the idea that evidence-based treatments are the best course of action for producing positive outcomes. Some of the methods that consistently appear in scientific and evidence-based treatments include medical detoxification, behavioral therapy, and continued support after the initial treatment period to manage addictions.

Why Has There Been a Shift Towards This Type of Treatment?

Healthcare as a whole has been transforming in recent years to incorporate more evidence-based techniques into the practice of medicine. Healthcare policy has tended to favor hard evidence of positive results, and this trend has also found its way into programs to treat substance abuse. There has also been an increased emphasis on application of research rather than routines and procedures that had been followed for decades despite their ineffectiveness. It has been found through the proper application of prior evidence and research to populations in healthcare systems and addiction treatment programs that repeated success was more likely by using such evidence-based approaches consistently.  Such methods have also helped increase consistency and accountability within the medical profession. Overall, the application of these scientific principles has made medicine and treatment more effective than it was in the past.

Science and Evidence Help Combat Fraud & Patient Brokering

Healthcare and medicine have been plagued by bogus claims of results from everything from unverified supplements to alternative treatments with little or no scientific backing. By requiring rehabilitation programs to use a method such as evidence-based therapy, there will ideally be a gradual movement away from facilities that cannot demonstrate the same kinds of results with respect to producing real data and positive outcomes. Many addiction treatment centers still do not use a scientifically sound method of treatment, and unfortunately, many of their clients probably have not been informed of the key differences. This should change over time as word of the effectiveness of sound types of treatment spreads.

Our Men’s Drug Rehab Program is Evidence-Based to Help You Recovery for Good

If these advancements in rehabilitation programs interest you, and you know someone who could benefit from treatment, please contact Odyssey Recovery. Odyssey will help people exclusively with scientifically sound methods of recovery and not attempt to sell potential clients on unproven treatments. Because Odyssey Recovery is a small location for men in Orange County, California, we are more easily able to give thorough and individualized treatments to our clients than most other recovery centers. We invite you to find out more about our programs and check in yourself or refer someone who needs help.

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