How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution to Get Sober

At this time of year, most people consider making positive changes to their lifestyle in a number of different ways. One of the most significant changes that a person can make is a commitment to sobriety. However, it is important to keep in mind that recovery is not as simple as many other goals and there is always the possibility of relapse and failure for many reasons.

Why New Year’s Resolutions Tend to Fail

It is common for individuals to tell themselves they are going to change all at once and begin a new life immediately. A significant number of resolutions tend to fail, even for simple goals, and these goals are even more complicated when dealing with addiction.

This is especially difficult regarding a sober resolution because changes need to happen gradually over time, often with the help of a support group or family members. Someone who thinks they can party on New Year’s Eve, then entirely change their lifestyle the next is going to be surprised when they seem to keep failing.

Finding a Plan for Recovery That Works for You

Despite these pitfalls, many sober individuals can now celebrate New Year’s Day every year as the beginning of their commitment to sobriety. Many of them have found a support group or dedication to a higher power that has actually worked and led to a continued, productive life without the dangers of drug addiction or alcoholism.

Finding something that works is much more important than the day of the year that someone decides to change their life. Keeping that in mind, those who are serious about sober living should make a realistic plan as soon as possible.

Evaluate Your Personal Relationships

This can be a major obstacle to sobriety. If someone who is going through the process of recovery is constant around others who are dedicated to drug abuse and alcoholism, the possibility of joining them and relapsing will be much higher. Spending time around only those who will support your recovery goals and abstain from drugs or alcohol in your presence is one of the most important ways to show a serious dedication to the process of recovery.

Experiment with Recovery methods

Treatment is one of the most effective ways a person can overcome substance abuse issues. An inpatient drug rehab program like the one at Odyssey Recovery can help with the initial withdrawal symptoms that are managed in the detoxification process and teach clients the tools needed to overcome addiction for a sustainable recovery.

There are some proven methods of helping people reach their goal of long-term sobriety such as AA meetings and 12 step programs, as well as non-12 step programs such as SMART Recovery. These work for some people, but not everyone. Taking a look at different ways of surrounding yourself with the right kinds of support and approach to avoiding substance abuse can be a process of trial and error. It will be helpful to take a step back and inventory your personality, then see which recovery method seems best suited to your strengths and individual problems.

Develop a Plan for a Healthy Lifestyle

Things like proper diet and exercise are beneficial during the recovery process and have been shown to help improve outcomes. While not everyone is an athlete, finding some kind of diet and exercise routine to be a constant focus of your efforts will help become a constructive way to avoid substance abuse and a lifestyle that is not compatible with addiction.

Give Back & Mentor Others

If you find that you are having some success with the recovery process, look to help others who are serious about their sober resolution. This can help you develop new relationships and make you accountable for another person. Surprisingly, this process of reaching out to others and taking on additional responsibility can actually lead to consistent progress. Volunteering your own time to help others in a similar situation is one of the best ways to retain focus on the goal of sobriety.

For more information about the treatment and recovery process please contact Odyssey Recovery for a way out of addiction. Our men’s drug rehab program in Orange County, California offers clients a truly individualized approach in order to help each client be successful in long-term recovery.

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