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An Overview of Drug & Alcohol Addiction


Sometimes throughout life, many people find themselves in situations surrounding by peer pressure, stress, or just a lack of poor coping skills. In these situations, these individuals find themselves turning to substances and drugs. After only several uses, an addiction has developed and will take over their life in the most negative of ways.

Currently, America is in the midst of the worst epidemic related to substances, with more than 200+ people dying every single day from a drug-related overdose death. When it comes to who addiction effects, the disease of addiction does not discriminate. Men are 2 to 3 times more likely than women to have a substance abuse problem. Knowing this, Odyssey Recovery has crafted a unique addiction treatment program exclusively for men at our secluded location in Orange, California. Keep reading to learn more about addiction, treatment options and the treatment program for men at Odyssey Recovery in Orange County, CA.

What Exactly is the Disease of Addiction?

How to Know If a Person is Addicted


Addiction is a disease that develops when a person becomes dependent on a certain substance or drug, and their lives become impacted. Despite the knowledge that the addiction is essentially killing them slowly, people who are addicted continue to seek and use these substances repeatedly. As the number of drugs and substances continue to grow so does the number of addicts. Over the last decade, various new substances have developed as well as misuse of prescription drugs prescribed by licensed doctors.

Those who are addicted find their logic and thinking to be irrational and they no longer have control of their lives when the addiction stabilizes within them. This disease is as complex as the substances utilized by addicts and affects not only the lives of those addicts but also their loved ones. Most addicts are members of loving families and can easily be any family member. Such a disease can destroy an entire family because of the impairment and irrational behavior that is associated with it.

Men’s Addiction Treatment Services

Customized Treatment for Drug & Alcohol Addiction


Can Addiction Be Treated?

Is There a Cure for Addiction?


Fortunately for addicts and their family members, addiction can be treated. Because there has been countless studies and research on the different addictions and how the disease possesses the brain and system of those addicted, research has now found ways to treat addiction. It is essential to note that although addiction can be treated, a process that is a cure-all is not something that exists. The benefit of treating addiction extends beyond the addict but to those whose life has been affected by this disease. Treatment is a benefit for the whole family providing life back to the addict and life back to them, as well.

What these research has also discovered is that addicts require treatment and support from their loving family members for the duration of their life. Addiction is a disease that can be conquered, however, and various treatment options over the course of the last two decades have implicated several treatment options as successful.

What are My Options for Treating Addiction?

Finding Treatment for Addiction in California


Addiction treatment ranges in options based on the person’s choice of substance as well as how far their addiction has pushed them physically, mentally and emotionally. Most addiction treatment programs in California offer multidimensional treatment that includes one-on-one therapy, modern & holistic therapies as well as traditional therapies in a group setting. Many programs, like the men’s drug rehab in Orange County at Odyssey Recovery, offer individualized treatment that is based on each person’s individual needs relating to their substance use and any other co-occurring mental illness.

Detox & Residential Inpatient

One of the more common methods of treatment for addiction is a residential inpatient program that offers detoxification like Odyssey Recovery’s program for men. The benefit of detox and residential inpatient treatment is that clients have a clean and controlled environment away from drugs and alcohol to rehabilitate. Clients also have the ability to bond with others experiencing the same addiction.

Odyssey Recovery offers a men’s-only drug treatment program in Orange, California right in the heart of Orange County. The benefit to a gender-specific treatment is that it allows the person addicted to focus on their recovery without any distractions. There is a common issue that arrives with a coed treatment program where relationships and intimate encounters occur which can lead to dismissal from the program and be a distraction to the goal at hand: recovery. The program at Odyssey Recovery allows men to recover in a serene and safe environment while solely focusing on their recovery from addiction. We offer individualized, evidence-based treatment along with an introduction to recovery support groups and 12 step programs. We understand that each person is different when it comes to what is going to work for them and their recovery. That is why we craft customized treatment plans for each client utilizing the methods that will benefit their specific needs.

12 Step & Recovery Support Group Introduction

Originally established in the 1930s as a method of self-help treatment for alcoholism with Alcoholics Anonymous, the 12 Steps have become the core foundation for many recovery support groups today. While these 12 Step programs like Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous have helped millions recover from substance abuse, there are those who resist the 12 step model. There are non 12 step programs like SMART Recovery, Refuge Recovery, LifeRing, Celebrate Recovery, etc that offer different self-help based programs that are based on total abstinence from drugs and alcohol that can also assist those addicted in recovering, Here at Odyssey Recovery we offer clients the option to explore and learn about the different types of recovery support groups and find which is best for their recovery.

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What to Expect When You Enter Rehab

More About Treatment & Odyssey Recovery’s Program


In the past, the standard treatment stay was suggested to be 28 days, however, current studies show that longer treatment stays lead to higher success rates in terms of long-term recovery. When you or a loved one is getting ready to enter a drug rehab program like the one at Odyssey Recovery for men, you should pack enough clothes for 14-18 days along with any toiletries and personal items you need. Keep in mind that most personal items like cell phones, laptops, electronics, etc. will be stored and monitored to protect other clients privacy. Once the intake process is complete at Odyssey Recovery treatment begins with an initial assessment to identify and craft an individualized treatment plan.


Detoxification is typically the first phase of treatment that immediately addresses any withdrawal symptoms the client may be experiencing, and it can be one of the most difficult stages for the client. There are two types of detox programs, those that are offered at a residential treatment program like Odyssey Recovery and freestanding inpatient detox programs. During the detox period at Odyssey Recovery, you can expect to be monitored 24/7 by medical staff to ensure that you are safely weaned off drugs and alcohol. After your initial assessment, our physicians will prescribe the appropriate medications that will alleviate many of the symptoms experienced during withdrawal. Read more about our detox program here.

Group Therapy

During treatment, clients are expected to attend daily group therapy sessions that educate and process the core issues that lead to addiction. One of the benefits of group therapy is that clients will share their past experiences of addiction has impacted their lives. They are able to reflect on their current struggles during this process, allowing them to connect and identify with each other. This process has been shown to be highly beneficial in terms of treatment for substance abuse, which is why group therapy is part of the core of Odyssey Recovery’s program for men in Orange County.

Individual Therapy

One of the other top traditional methods for treating addiction is individual therapy with a therapist or counselor. Typically clients will be assigned an individual therapist to work with on a weekly basis in order to address the individual issues that each client has due to substance abuse and possible co-occurring mental illness. Here at Odyssey Recovery, our clients work with their therapist to craft a treatment plan that will help them overcome addiction for good.

Family Therapy

As treatment continues and progresses in their recovery, their family is reintroduced to the sober them. Sessions with their family members allow them to work through the issues developed by the addiction and how to move forward once the patient is reintroduced to society. This therapy benefits all involved, allowing family members to understand the disease and taught how to positively promote sobriety once treatment has been completed. Odyssey Recovery offers clients family therapy and workshops to help educate family members on the disease of addiction and recovery.

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