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An Overview of Outpatient Treatment & Aftercare


Addiction can take on many forms, but the one most common is drug abuse.  The reactions of a person on drugs can take on many different forms, but the end results are the same if help is not sought out.  It ends with death, broken families, and broken hearts of the loved ones all left behind.  Addiction is classified as a relapsing disease of the brain in which a person loses the ability of choice when it comes to substances. Those who suffer from addiction can be comforted to know that help is possible. While some people enter into a rehab facility at their own accord, others struggle with the fact they need help. There are a number of different treatment options available to those addicted like the detox & inpatient rehab at Odyssey Recovery, as well as outpatient programs and sober living homes which assist in successful long-term recovery.

Here at our men’s treatment center in Orange County, we offer clients outpatient referral as part of our aftercare planning process, which is available to all clients. In many cases, it is what a person does after rehab that will determine the success of their recovery from drug addiction. We also recommend sober living homes to those who have toxic home environments that can lead to relapse.

What is Outpatient Treatment for Addiction?

How Continued Treatment Can Benefit Recovery


In an outpatient program, clients can continue or resume with their jobs or everyday life as long as the requirements for the outpatient program are met.  The environment outside of the facility must be deemed safe without the temptation of the drug abuse.  This is used as the lesser of the addiction treatment where the patient does not have to remain in the facility overnight.

You can expect to attend outpatient treatment anywhere from 10 to 20 hours over the course of three to five days per week.  Some will have to stay the entire day at the program, while others will attend night groups.  It truly depends on each person’s unique situation. Clients will have the continued support of professionals and one on one counseling throughout the course of treatment. Many times outpatient programs are held in the evenings and weekends so the patient will not have to miss work and can remain close to their families.  Outpatient programs give the tools necessary to live a sober life and the drug rehab aftercare allows this to happen with their continued support.  It is up to the patient to utilize the tools necessary to keep a drug free life. Everything remains anonymous and in full support for the patient to live up to a clean and sobering life.

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How Odyssey Recovery Can Assist with Outpatient Referral

Our Work Begins With You First Reach Out for Help


Odyssey Recovery has one of the best residential inpatient programs for men in Orange County, California. The treatment process comes in more than one part though.  The process begins initially when the patient seeks help or gets help.  Odyssey Recovery is there not only from this first step, but we continue to follow through even after the patient leaves our program. Our team does an assessment for the best care of the patient while keeping in mind that everyone is different and each person has different individual needs.  There is also medical care for the withdrawal along with the detoxification process to start fresh from the beginning.  When you enter outpatient treatment, after completing an inpatient program like ours, you can expect a similar process in terms of group and individual counseling which centers as the foundation of treatment.

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The day where the patient checks out of Odyssey Recovery is where the drug rehab aftercare begins. Clients will take all that they have learned from the education and apply it to their everyday life.  Just because a person is “clean” when they leave the facility does not mean that they are cured of the addiction. In reality, there really is no cure for addiction.  The temptation is always going to be there in the world.  It is up to the patient, along with their friends and family, to assist and to minimize the temptations and opportunities as much as possible.  There is always a great possibility for the patient to relapse and fall back into substance abuse.  There is always support groups to help the patient along at Odyssey Recovery as they always follow up and be with them in their time of need.  Relapse can happen with a single thought, feeling, or craving.

Most drug users just have a certain pain they want to end whether physical, mental, spiritual or emotional.  They can fight off the temptation like a warrior at times and other times they just fall short and feel weak.  If you relapse you can rest easy knowing the team at Odyssey Recovery is there for you.

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